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IO6                           LETTERS   FROM   THE

We have just taken a walk round this desolate
place, which is all but demolished. Over the
fountain, in the stables, is a cartoon, and upon it
is written, "Bandeau mis sur un nom abhorre
(Conde) par les Charrois de la Republique."1

The leaden pipes are carried off, the statues
and vases broken, the arcades destroyed, and the
equestrian statue of the Conn£table de Mont-
morency melted down. The forest is full of
deserters and banditti. A family the other day
was robbed and murdered at Villeneuve, near this

Paris, November nth, 1796.

We arrived here at twelve this morning—had
delightful weather—no examination of passport or
stoppage of any kind at the barrieres—nobody set
over us. We lodge at la Maison des fitrangers,
Rue Vivienne. The word h6tel is proscribed and
maison substituted.

Some thieves who call themselves "the twelve

i The Charrois were the society or administration who
contracted to supply the Republican armies with hospital
wagons, &c.—thence their name. Some members of this
society, the headquarters of which were at Compi&gne, suf-
fered persecution for having lent their wagons to conceal
and favour the escape of prescripts.